Rana Abou Rjeily | Visual Communication & Type Design | Author of Cultural Connectives


I’m a graphic designer living in Lebanon, graduated from Notre Dame University with a BA in Graphic Design and later acquired a Masters Degree in Visual communication from Central Saint Martins, London.

Type and language being my area of interest, I developed during my masters’ degree a simplified geometric font to be used in Arabic teaching book, and later started working on my one shape per letter typeface which I believed should be implemented for teaching Arabic as a second language.

I started developing Cultural Connectives as the final part of my Masters project. The book is intended to give a quick and playful insight into the basics of the Arabic script by comparing it to the Latin one.

I have worked in both Lebanon and the UK for international clients mostly with the renowned Type designer Mourad Boutros.

I am currently an independent designer, working on developing my own fonts and working mostly on developing corporate identities. I started teaching in 2007 typographic and Design courses at Notre Dame University (NDU).